Friday, May 16, 2008

Do I look spoiled?

Mom says I'm spoiled. I say "Move over, I need more room!"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A bird in the house

This is going to sound crazy to most dogs, but a bird lives in my house! My parents don't let me chase the bird like I chase the birds in the yard. Sometimes the bird makes lots of noise and it can even make the same squeaking noise that one of my toys makes.

A new doggy friend

I have a new doggy neighbor, and her name is Giggles. (I think that's an odd name, but don't tell her that!) She thinks she's a big dog, so she likes to play with me. Here is a picture of us playing. She has a CAT brother that drives me crazy. The cat sometimes walks through my backyard and taunts me.

My first post!

Hi! My name is Eddy. I am a golden retriever. My family adopted me from Golden Retrievers In Need in March 2007 and I live in Ohio.

Before I was adopted, my foster mom took good care of me for a couple of months. I still have a mark on my nose from one of my foster brothers!

I love doggy toys, especially stuffed animals. My mom says I can destroy a new toy in about 5 minutes! I love to chew, but I know not to chew on things that aren't mine.

I go to doggie daycare 3 times a week and I love going there!

I passed 3 obedience classes with my new family. I even took a pre-agility class, and it was a lot of fun.