Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Fun Thanksgiving Weekend

My mom took me to Petco on Wednesday. I love that place because there are some great smells there. Unfortunately, we weren’t there to shop. My mom left me there with some ladies who gave me a bath, brushed me, sprayed me, and other things I won’t mention. I was SO happy when my mom picked me up! The ladies told my mom that I was really good. Now everyone says I’m so soft and smell good.

A bunch of people came to my house on Thanksgiving. I got in trouble during dinner because I stole the napkins off of people’s laps and shredded them. To distract me, my mom made me a BIG Kong filled with lots of peanut butter and treats. I think I’ll try stealing napkins more often!

My friend Giggles stopped over on Saturday to play. Here are some pictures:

Today dad took the bird out of the cage and I was able to grab its tail. Here are some pictures of me and that darn bird:

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