Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy April

I had to have a bath this weekend because we had people over for Easter dinner. (my mom says doggie day care makes me smell really bad) This is a picture of me after my bath:

During Easter dinner, I was really good and didn't steal any napkins or food, but I did try to sniff any food that came near me.

I went to the vet last week for my yearly check-up. I weigh 84 lbs., so now I'm on a diet to lose a few pounds.

There's a new dog in the neighborhood named Dixie. Dixie is kind of rough when she plays, so I haven't played with her much. Here is a picture of me with Dixie:

I heard my parents talking about my friend, Giggles, coming over for a few days this week while her family goes on vacation. I can't wait!

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