Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

My mom bought me some boots for winter, and here is a picture of me during the first fitting. I hated the boots, and my mom said I would only have to wear them when it gets really, really cold. So far I haven't had to wear them, but if I do, I plan on pulling them off the first chance I get when I go outside.

My friend Monte stayed at my house for a week in December. Here's a picture of me watching her eat. She guards her food and kind of growls at me if I get too close. After she finishes her dinner, I always check her bowl to see if she missed any.

I was really good during Thanksgiving dinner and only stole one napkin. Christmas was fun. I got a bunch of new toys and I was really good when people were here at my house. Here's a picture of me with two of my new toys. (I pulled all the stuffing out of the green dog toy a couple of days after this picture was taken.)

Winter has been kind of boring so far. I miss my daily walks and playing with my friend, Giggles. When we had a lot of snow, my cool dad made me some paths in the yard so I didn't have to walk through the deep snow. (I did anyway) A couple of months ago, before it started snowing, I started running out of the yard into the woods. I thought I was helping by keeping the yard free of rabbits, but my dad didn't like having to wipe mud off me every night. My mom and dad put up some of the dreaded "flags" in the yard, and now I have to wear my special collar when I go outside. I've decided to stop chasing rabbits for now, but I still chase the birds at the bird feeder. That's what dogs are supposed do, right?

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Jasper and River said...

Hi Eddy! sounds like your winter is about like ours. Sorry to hear about your fence. We have one of those, too. We had a red fox come across our pond yesterday and we were SO MAD that we couldn't chase it! Did your people laugh when you first tried out the boots? Our mommy has boots for us, but unless we have a hurt paw we don't have to wear them. She does wish she had video of when we first tried them on, though. Write again soon!
love, Jasper and River