Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow and Cold

There's a lot of snow here in Cleveland and it's cold. There were a couple of days that it was so cold (-4 degrees) that my feet hurt when I went outside. My mom tried putting some doggie boots on me, but I hated them and tried to rip them off. Here are some pictures of me from the past couple of weekends...

Nap time!

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Cooper said...

Hi Eddy!
Sometimes the snow makes my paws hurt too. But only on walks, not when I'm playing in the park. Park snow is special, it doesn't hurt at all! When they do hurt I sit down and lift them up so Mommy can rub them. She says that I have "baby paws" whenever I do that! Mommy wanted to buy me boots, but Daddy said that would be crazy because I would just eat them. He's probably right!